A Letter from the President–2015 JAMM Year in Review

Greetings and Happy New Year, Jazz Lovers!
Thank you for supporting the Jazz Alliance of Mid-Michigan in 2015!

If I had to choose one word to describe last year for JAMM, I would choose the word “change”.

Our yearly schedule of events changed, our Board changed, our e-news intern changed, and our fundraising/sponsorship opportunities changed.  Even with all this change, JAMM’s Treasurer, Gregg Hill is delighted to report that we ended the year on a positive financial note. JAMM is beginning 2016 with $1500 in the bank. This is roughly half of what JAMM needs to operate at its current capacity for one year….(read more)

2015 Operating Expenses:
$ 500–Sandy Izenson Scholarship Recipient Clif Metcalf
$ 500– Donation to East Lansing Summer Solstice Jazz Festival
$ 500–Donation to Lansing JazzFest
$ 100–Donation to Keys in the Cities
$1050–E-News Intern
$  100–PO Box
$  100–Constant Contact
JAMM would like to continue this level of giving in 2016 and possibly increase our contributions. To this end, last year, for the first time, we accepted $100 sponsors for the Annual JAMM Tribute and were able to defray much of the cost.  We also received a couple very generous donations from Board Members along with in-kind contributions from Members.
JAMM said “goodbye” to Caroline Glaeser, our first e-news intern and welcomed Cole Kaldor.
JAMM appreciates the service of former Board Members Al Cafagna, Beth Cafagna, Sue Rebeck, Gene Rebeck, Julian Van Dyke, Carolyn Ojala, and Jeff Shoup.  We welcome new Board members DJ Carleton, Betty Baxter, and Dave Cheyne.  We welcome back our Officers–Paulette Hatchett Secretary, Gregg Hill Treasurer, and yours truly, Lois Mummaw President.New Yearly Schedule of Events:

2nd Tuesday in January–Annual JAMM Member Mixer/ Scholarship Recipient Announced

April 30– Annual International Jazz Day Party

Mid June–East Lansing Summer Solstice Festival

Early August–Lansing Jazzfest/ JAMM Tribute Honoree Announced

2nd Sunday in November–Annual JAMM Tribute Concert

The main difference in the yearly schedule was a decision by the Board to “flip-flop” the Mixer and the Tribute. The reasons to hold the Tribute in November instead of February are: Too much conflict with other jazz events in the past–Feb is very busy with Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and many visiting artists.  Also, weather is a concern.  This also gives the JAMM Tribute Honoree a full year to represent JAMM at Live Performances.

By announcing the Sandy Izenson Scholarship Recipient at the January Mixer, he/she will have more time to rehearse with the Scholarship Trio/Quartet to perform at Int’l Jazz Day Party, SSJF, LJF, and The Tribute in November.

Our Board decided on a few goals for 2016 that would help support JAMM’s mission of “preserving and promoting live jazz across Mid-Michigan”:

Double the number of paid members in 2016 from 75 to 150

Raise $2850 in designated contributions to fund our 2016 operating expenses

Implement a number of ongoing fundraising strategies

Identify and apply for at least 3 grants that support JAMM’s mission

Update and organize website in an archival format with text, pictures, and video for each event

Peace, Love & Long Live Live Jazz,

Lois Mummaw, President, Jazz Alliance of Mid-Michigan

jammprez@gmail.com   5172421126

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