JAMM Newsletter Release Date to be Changed to Saturdays

Greetings Jazz Lovers!

Due to a bevy of jazz related events falling on Sundays and our continued commitment to including as many of these events in our newsletter as possible, JAMM President Lois Mummaw and I have decided to begin releasing the newsletter on Saturdays! This will allow for a bit of heads up to all of you jazz enthusiasts to be able to get out to those Sunday events. Feel free to contact Lois or I with any questions/concerns about this new release date.

Also, a reminder to all who are submitting events, if you want to see your event in our newsletter’s upcoming events section please submit your events to http://jazzjamm.com/submit-your-gig/ before Saturday morning or they will not make it onto that week’s issue. They will still be posted to our website, but may not get the same exposure as if they were included in the newsletter.

Thanks and Long Live Live Jazz,

Cole Kaldor

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