A Musical Tribute to Patti Richards

One of the highlights of the JAMM annual Tribute, held in November 2017, was when John McDaniel, always the exceptional person handling audio/visual at our parties, showed vintage footage of the late, great Patti Richards performing with the Lansing Symphony Jazz Orchestra. Jeff Kressler, our Tribute nominee, was highlighted on camera accompanying Ms. Richards, who he played with many, many times, over the years.

Sunny Wilkinson, who knew Patti well, introduced a rare and precious video with her own recollections of the kindness and warmth these two fabulous singers shared, after Sunny first moved to the Lansing area.  

Shortly after the tribute, a JAMM member was contacted by a man named Daniel Eck, who attended MSU and recorded Patti and her bands on two different occasions in the 1980’s.

To hear the music from a show at the Village Market, which used to be located in East Lansing, click on this link. https://youtu.be/ZeMpxxbdguA

Even Jeff and Gene Rebeck, who also played that night, had not heard this recording for years. More recordings of Patti and some of our local favorites coming soon.

Did you know JAMM still has a few CDs from the Tribute we did to Patti Richards? If you wish to purchase, email jammpayments@gmail.com.

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